This Cheesy Video is a Great Bike Saftey Reminder

It’s not until you ride your first motorcycle that you realize how much bigger and scarier the cars are on the road. Unless your kids grow up on motorcycles or take a specific Drivers education class, they won’t know how to drive around bikes. Sure, you can tell them “look twice, save a life” but will they actually take that to heart?

Hopefully, but you can’t be sure. This eight-minute┬ávideo by the Washington State Department of Licensing is cheesy but full of good information. I even got a little tear in my eye near the end. If you have a teenager who’s learning to drive or you just purchased a bike and your loved ones still drive, have them watch this video.

It’ll give them some life-saving information and you and all the bikers out there more peace of mind.

If you only bike sometimes and are cool with bumper stickers, think about adding a “look twice, save a life” one to your car. All drivers could use a reminder to look for bikes now and then.

Is your bike itself safe? Bring it in for a regular servicing to make sure.