Honda Africa Twin, The New Adventurer On The Block


If you are not old enough to remember what an Enduro motorcycle is, then perhaps, you have heard if a dual sport motorcycle. These two aforementioned bikes have evolved into what is now known as the adventure-class. In recent years the BMW R1200GS has dominated this segment of the motorcycle world. The 2016 Honda Africa Twin is a serious contender poised to stake a claim at the #1 spot of the adventure-class.  Here is a closer look at the bike that has brought Honda a seat at the table as its representative to reintroduce the brand into this exclusive group.

Specs. At a Glance:

  • 998 cc liquid cooled parallel twin 8 valve engine
  • Constant mesh 6-speed manual transmission/DCT 6-speed automatic transmission
  • 2-wheel ABS with rear wheel ABS off mode
  • Honda Selectable Traction Control with 3 modes plus traction off (HSTC)
  • 5 gallon fuel tank
  • 8 inches of ground clearance
  • Fully adjustable front and rear suspension

African Twin Graphics

Rev It Up

For the most part an automatic transmission on motorcycle carries with it a stigma of being not as “responsive” or “sluggish”. Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission is a bold statement to the contrary. With two, push button selectable modes, it caters to both fuel efficiency and off road prowess. In fully automatic mode it has smooth transitions through all 6 gears for a comfortable “forget about the shifting” and just hit the throttle kind of ride. In off-road mode the shift points are at a much higher rpm and downshifts occur at just the right time when increased power is needed. Even the most experienced enthusiast would have a hard time finding reason to complain about this bad boy.

Africa Twin Front

Pick Your Poison

The traction control, with three fully selectable modes, offers something for every level of rider. In mode 3, breaking the rear tire loose is just not going to happen. Mode 1 is the other end of the spectrum, letting the rear tire spin free up to the edge of washing out from under the bike before reeling it back in. When it is turned off, it is no holds barred, balls to the wall, hope you have done this before, adrenaline pumping fun!

Hit The Pause Button

The two channel ABS is worth its weight in gold for on road stopping-on-a-dime ability. When off road, the rear wheel ABS can be turned off with the push of a button, making the transition in and out of corners as stable as a motocross bike.

Africa Twin Front Tire

Control of all these features is literally at the fingertips of the rider. The push button controls are located at an easy to use control panel on the left hand switch panel. For those who choose the manual transmission there is still the traditional clutch lever, but on the automatic model, instead of wasting space, Honda engineered a parking brake in place of the clutch lever.

Africa Twin Controls

Your Future Adventure

After investigating the ins and outs of the Africa Twin it very obvious a lot of careful planning and fore thought went into the design of this motorcycle. It not only does justice to its predecessor it also makes a bold statement for the future of Honda’s intention of dominating the adventure class.

Are you ready to take it out for a spin yet? The all new Honda Africa Twin Adventure bike is in-stock now at Gables Motorsports of Wesley Chapel, FL. Stop in, call 813-973-1888 , or send us a message today and get set for your next big adventure today.

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